Same-day delivery: the wow factor

November 3, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren
November 3, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of our daily life and the number of online stores is growing every day. In a continuous struggle to remain competitive, retail giants are increasingly determining consumer expectations. Consumers are becoming conditioned to expect instant gratification. 24-hour delivery has become the norm, but it needs to be even faster. Slogans like “Ordered today, delivered today” are music to consumers’ ears. Same-day delivery is on the rise that cannot be stopped. By adding same-day delivery as a delivery option to your online store, you can improve the customer experience and deliver the wow factor to your customers.

From a novel concept to the mainstream
Today, consumers can choose from an immense range of different stores selling similar products. To stand out from all these providers and to stay ahead of your competition, it is important that you listen to what consumers want and expect. Their primary demand has been found to be rapid delivery services. A few years ago, consumers found it perfectly normal to wait a few days for their order to arrive, but nowadays next-day delivery is the rule rather than the exception. But it cannot be fast enough for consumers.

Two-third of retailers indicate that they want to offer same-day delivery within 2 years

80% of the consumers want same-day delivery
The fact that consumers attach great importance to fast delivery is evident from the fact that 80% of online shoppers want same-day shipping. 61% want to receive their packages even faster, preferably within 1-3 hours of placing an order. 49% of consumers state that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online. The latter applies in particular to young online shoppers: 56% of consumers between the age of 18-34 years expect retailers to offer same-day delivery. 61% of consumers are even willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery. That offering same-day delivery is important for online sales is shown by the fact that more than 25% of online shoppers would abandon a cart online if same-day shipping wasn’t available.

Most retailers want to offer same-day delivery
Because consumers want and expect fast delivery services, two-third of retailers indicate that they want to offer same-day delivery within 2 years. Although companies will always have to compete on price and quality of the product, delivery speed is becoming an increasingly important part in which you can excel as a retailer and increase your sales.

Whether or not to offer same-day delivery?
Although customers are demanding same-day delivery and it can boost sales, not all online stores have yet adopted this fast delivery service. It depends on various factors whether it is interesting for your online store to add same-day delivery as a delivery option to your business process:

Same-day delivery becomes a must-have
Although adding same-day delivery to your business process has some snags, it is an inescapable step for most retailers. If you want your online store to compete, same-day delivery is becoming a must-have feature. Same-day delivery combines the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification that consumers are accustomed to when buying a product in a physical store, bringing the online shopping experience closer to the offline shopping experience. By adding this wow factor to your online delivery, you can improve customer satisfaction, boost loyalty and thus increase your online sales.

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Blog by: Nienke van Meekeren
Sources used: Invesp, NextChapter, Minor E-commerce
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